Node.js script to make a zip archive

While working in a node.js project, I had an use case where user will have to query based on days and query result will be pdf filtered by  the date range. And I have to create a directory of pdf files and return it as a zip file for the user.

As there are many modules related to zip, I tried couple of the active modules but none was meeting my requirements. And some of those modules has different bugs/issues which were open at that time. After different try/error and going through most of the zip modules, I used archiver.  And below a sample how it worked.


After cloning the gist make sure you have files to zip and run the script like below:


Happy coding 🙂

Iterating multiple lists at a time

I was writing a python script,I needed to iterate multiple iterator. At first I was planning to loop through each of the item.But I found it really non-pythonic. So I went through python docs to figure out if I can find something to get this code more pythonic.We can iterate iterator mainly two ways using zip() and using itertools.izip