PHP framework YII-Yes It Is :)

I have played with two of the PHP frameworks.



I found that  YII powerful l framework as it’s a new framework there is low resource density in the net.Me and saikat developed a Human Resource Recruitement System using YII.We had great time with YII.We were new to this framework and we have to meet a tight deadline.And we took the courageous decision to go with it.I am going to share how to build very basic web application with this.

1.Download YII framework form here.

2.Install wamp server(for windows)

3.Then keep the framwork to the www directory.

4.Go to the CMD and type commands(structure as follows)

cd  /wamp/www/yii/framwork/
yiic.php  webapp  D:/wamp/www/test_app2(path to your new web app)

my command was like below:

Run Commands

Run Commands For First Basic Web App using YII

5.After pressing “y”  the basic web application will be created.Go to the browser and just type:

http://localhost/test_app2(name of your application directory)

The basic app is like:

Home Of YII Basic web Application

Contact Us Form: Of YII Basic web Application

For further modification and functionality,developer should understand the basic of MVC pattern.Then he  could easly add new features to this basic app.

To know the features of YII .Click Here

Download YII Agile Book

So have fun with YII-YES IT IS 😀

Barcode with in a moment!

We are working on our Online Library project since last week and obviously having tough time.but learning many things as well.It was a big challenge to produce more then 3000 tags with in limited time.We did some tricks here,at first tried to download some free barcode generating software unfortunately we didn’t get anything inspite of some demos.We then decided to use those demo coz that will decrease time as well as labour 🙂 We produced around 2900 tags with demo then coded some scripts for removing those demo marks ….it worked !We printed some copies and tested with the barcode reader it worked properly 🙂