Summary of 2012

As its weblog for myself,like every other blogger in the world I share my yearly summary for last couple of years.For 2012 it was …

  • I switched my job,started to work in Tasawr Interactive since last September.
  • Worked with NewsCred API, it was an amazing experience. Coz NewsCred API is a scaled solution and have large code base.I got real taste of working in a complex Python project while I worked with the API team.
  • I had to brush up my Drupal knowledge and learned Drupal 7
  • Started to work on my pet project which is completely based on Python/Django
  • Developed a small financial API for one of my client(I used tastypie for the first time and loved it)
  • Worked for Indexica as a remote developer, where my role was DevOps. I had to develop a portion of their API and also managed cloud infrastructure.
  • Worked with SOLR  and Nutch for the first time and loved both of this.

Passed 2010! So, 2011

When I am pressing the keys of my lappy,it’s exact 10 past 1.00 AM.And its 2011 :(.
Really its painful that the years are passing like rocket and unfortunately I am unhappy when I think it’ 2011(who want to become older?).Just packing all the stupid words by a quick review of the past year.
Year 2010:

  • Left my university around August 😦
  • Joined in Ankur & worked there for 3 months
  • Then in December I joined in NewsCred Ltd.
  • Digging  python, for desktop app used PyQt and for web Django
  • Had a splendid tour in Kuakata and visited Patuakhali after around 5 years
  • Started to work in Odesk
  • Using Mac for first time
  • Used a josh cell Nokia E66 and I broke it couple of days ago 😦
  • Took session in a workshop for the junior’s of my department.
  • ….

So,it was a year of jumping around.

Hope I could manage this year to settle down .