PHP and MongoDB web development beginners guide review

As I am working with mongodb for different application development,the more I explore mongo the more I am amazed.
I got a review copy from Packt couple of weeks ago and started to read PHP and MongoDB Web Development Beginner’s Guide.
Chapter 1:As Nosql is a new technology yet,people talk more than using it in their production.And in the first chapter author described what is NoSql,Types of NoSQl and why mongdb.Ttraditional and very effective way to start exploring a technology.The important part of this chapter is mongodb concepts section.There is a mongodb is quiet different than any other traditional db and here there is a difference in basic terminology too.Author described those point with example.
Chapter2:As its a beginners guide author chose blog application development and here the mongo querying comes through returning article from mongo back-end.Interesting part was,author focused on mongodb details implementation and feature.Like Upsert,Update and save.
chapter3:Building a session manager,here a session manager was built with the blog implementation.

chapter4:Aggregation queries one of the most important chapter of the book.For db administrating,building complex business model application developers have to gain mastery in db he is using for his application.In this chapter MapReduce was explained and implemented also found different essential querying based on count(),distinct.
The mapreduce is very essential concepts the examples are real life problems solving using mapreduce,I found it very useful.

chapter5:A very simple version of web analytics was built and why we can choose mongodb for different analytics solution was described.Mapreduce implementation for analytics is the fun part and reader will learn to aggregation in different use cases for his analytics.
Chapter 6: Focuses on Mongodb with mysql.when to use,how it fits.mongodb as a data archive system.
Chapter7 : This chapter is about Gridfs,mongodbs file storage solution.A simple application is built to show its power and author also mentioned when should not mongodb.
chapter8:Building location aware application.How to store geo location data using mongodb is described,interesting part of geospatial indexing,this topic well described with couple of real life use case.Also covered performing location query
Chapter 9 and 10:Security and administration section.Useful section is implementation indexing in mongodb,indexing in embeded document fields.Optimization rules will be very help full section to boost the  mongo performance and the end of the chapter replication is described.Chapter 10 is all about mongo administration using GUI application like rock mongo and PHPmongo.

So overall this book is a good reference/training book who wants to learn mongodb using PHP for first time,beside that author explained many under the hood topics.
Clear instruction and several pop up quizes made the chapters enjoyable to read and learn.What I expected bit more about scaling monogo,partitioning,sharding different topics.May be as the book is written for the Beginner these topics has been avoided.

Book Review : Yii 1.1. Application development cookbook.

As a Yii developer I love to explore the framework related books,blog posts.Recently PacktPub published a cookbook on Yii written by Alexander Makarov.

One of the best feature of Yii framework that you can develop applications really fast.The cookbook started with the chapter “Under The Hood”,beside rapid development its must to know the internal structure for maintaining good quality code.Alex tried to focus most common needs of a PHP programmer,like other frameworks you can write magic methods in Yii.In the first chapter he demonstrated that with getter,setter and event,components of Yii.Also wrote simple core method name by using which you can play with request response object.

In second,third chapter author worte abut how MVC pattern works in Yii with jquery based ajax implementation.Working with JSON is an interesting section where I learned how to handle JSON inside Yii.For REST Api based application the JSON tutorial will help a lot any Yii developer.
In third,fourth chapter he covered Yii form and testing.Common use cases like file uploading and captcha validation examples.
Chapter 6 is important in terms of application development,in the chapter how active recored pattern works,how to write and design models for db.But truly I expected ORM implementation in this chapter(like Doctrine or Propel).Highlighting code with Yii seems to be a not relevant example for this chapter in my opinion. Rather than this tricks example,data model and Yii data handling internal architecture can help a developer a lot.

Zii is a wonderful tool for handling data and make automated CRUD based basic application.I found this chapter really helpful because of writer tried to explain Under the hood of Zii,how all the classes are working.How to use grid and list view,this should help any developer.Custom grid implementation is a nice step by step example to customization Zii based code.Chapter 8,9 seems to be a well described chapters with some handy techniques for Yii core contribution and debugging.Other chapters seems interresting for advanced Yii developers,I personally liked chapter 12 as its described to add External classes,framework’s code into Yii application.Specially Zend Framework using Yii section is an exclusive section for any developer because following the steps you can easily migrate any other frameworks code to your Yii application and just use it.

And final chapter about deployment staffs which will help new Yii developers.Finally I will vote up for this book because this cookbook is well combination of “Under the Hood” and “Tricks and best Practices”.If you are a new Yii developer,I am sure it will pave your way to Yii based application development,if you are an advanced Yii expert,it will help you to extend your expertise  further.Happy Coding 🙂