Quick Summary of 2011

So last year was  good enough for me,worked with new technologies and of course learned a lot.

  • Worked with Zend Framework for first time( truly at first I was bit annoyed but later I discovered its power and flexibility. )
  • Worked with Doctrine 2 and mongodb(Doctrine2 is my first ORM to work with,before I had worked with Django’s built in ORM and Doctrine2 is really made our life easy by handling every bits of  SQL transaction and also optimizing silently)
  • Started coding Python again,which I love most 😉
  • Played with Jquery Mobile and YII
  • And became a Mac Fan boy,bought MAC Air for development and Iphone 4 as cell phone
  • Had a wonderful sessions with the juniors of my department,took a workshop on Freelancing Web development and Python

2012 I have some goal that I should reach,btw I dont want to write it down.Bcoz a research found that “if you share your initiative with others,you get a little taste of success which sometime keep the person away from his target”!

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