Manage your VPS,Cloud using Webmin.

Webmin is a smart solution for managing VPS,I had played with it a year ago while deploying an LAMP solution.Usually when we use shared hosting we can have a access using Cpanel,which is a paid solution for managing hosting system.

Among open source solutions Webmin is the best.So for managing my personal RackSpace Cloud machine I decided to install webmin.

My cloud OS is ubuntu and you know how easy to install any package  in ubuntu system.I downloaded the .deb of webmin form here.

Then copied it using SCP .The command was as bellows to copy downloaded webmin:

scp webmin_***.deb userName@

** userName should be you server user name,then will be replaced using your servers IP and home/userName/sources
should be replaced by the location where you want to have the webmin package.
To know more about SCP,click here

Alternatively,you can get the webmin package using wget tool.To know about wget click here
Now the real parts.All you have to do,go to the folder where you have copied/downloaded the webmin pacakage.
And then have to install the deb package.
For me,it was like below:

cd sources
sudo dpkg -i webmin_***.deb

But it shows dependecies problem,left unconfigured!
Hm,so I tried with the apt-get tool directly using following command:

sudo apt-get install webmin

Then it shows already the package has been installed!That means previous dpkg has installed the package but was unconfigured.
Luckily apt-get tools has a very handy option “-f” which try to fix the broken dependencies.

sudo apt-get -f install

It fixes the dependencies.And it is configured.

Then I went to my server default DNS with the 10000 port.that means is the webmin login panel.
You can login using your cloud user information.After login the interface looks like:

Webmin Home

Installation and configuration for other unix like system will be nearly same,with some small changes.
Now the web server administration is very easy,you can know status,configure new services and play with your cloud fast 🙂

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