Passed 2010! So, 2011

When I am pressing the keys of my lappy,it’s exact 10 past 1.00 AM.And its 2011 :(.
Really its painful that the years are passing like rocket and unfortunately I am unhappy when I think it’ 2011(who want to become older?).Just packing all the stupid words by a quick review of the past year.
Year 2010:

  • Left my university around August 😦
  • Joined in Ankur & worked there for 3 months
  • Then in December I joined in NewsCred Ltd.
  • Digging  python, for desktop app used PyQt and for web Django
  • Had a splendid tour in Kuakata and visited Patuakhali after around 5 years
  • Started to work in Odesk
  • Using Mac for first time
  • Used a josh cell Nokia E66 and I broke it couple of days ago 😦
  • Took session in a workshop for the junior’s of my department.
  • ….

So,it was a year of jumping around.

Hope I could manage this year to settle down .


  1. Using Mac for first time
    ভাইয়া, ম্যাক ক্যামনে ইউজ করে তা জানতে মুঞ্চায়। আর ম্যাক এর সুবিধা বা অসুবিধাগুলো কি কি? ম্যাক কত গিগাবাইট? এর ডিস্ক কোথায় পাওয়া যাবে? আর ইন্সটলেশন পদ্ধতি জানার জন্য একটা লিঙ্ক দেন।

    • mushfiqsimple · January 21, 2011

      I am using MAC in my Office,our whole development environment is based on MAC.
      Advantages are : Glossy, Software installation and other stuffs are easy.If you have a medium category internet connection you can enjoy it.
      Disadvantages: Costly,Need some Linux experience to use it efficiently.

      For MAC OS X disk space 3-5 GB needed .To use it with in PC you can collect “Hackintosh”(Available in IDB).For installation and other stuffs you should google it .

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